Summer Break open thread

Some Big Life Transitions are happening chez Avery for the next few weeks, so you’ll need to (continue to) talk amongst yourselves.

In the meantime I would note the following:

1. Jason Crabb’s most recent live album cements his status as the single most masterful singing showman in the bidness (Exhibit A: he made the overdone and threadbare “Unclouded Day” interesting again).

2. Spontaneous audience singalongs during “Blessed Assurance” in the Broadway rendition of Trip of Bountiful reminds us of how deeply embedded gospel hymnody is in the North American psyche, and (given the NYT’s coverage here) how “gospel” is something almost always already sung by black people in the eyes and to the ears of the uninitiated.

That is all. For now.

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  1. CNW wrote:

    Seems to be only me, but I don’t like Jason’s voice at all. Now this is totally separate from him as a person. In fact, he seems wonderful, nice, friendly, and down to earth. He is an exciting performer, has a live band and all. Guess his voice is alright sometimes, but when he gets really going & loud it makes me cringe. I guess I wouldn’t characterize his voice as a “beautiful voice” and I like beautiful voices. I’m sure I’ll get blessed out for saying this…

  2. Jackie wrote:

    I agree with you…but seems to be a great person…but the voice, not so much.

  3. Mike S wrote:

    #1 CNW:
    My wife feels exactly like you. She adores Charlotte Church (bet you like her voice as well) but is certainly not a Jason Crabb fan.

    That being said, Jason Crabb is the most dynamic and prolific act going in gospel music today. But he certainly does not have a “beautiful” voice nor is he even the best singer around. I find him exciting, uplifting and inspiring. His songs (especially the ones his daddy wrote) hit me where I live as does Jason’s delivery.

    I can certainly appreciate beautiful voices but I don’t think I would be terribly engaged at a concert of a very nice beautiful, well trained voice.

    To each his own, and as I said, you are not alone in your opinion of Jason’s singing. The difference to me is like admiring a beautiful flower from afar or having something affect me personally or viscerally (I can’t come up with a great analogy right now!). The beautiful flower is nice and I can appreciate it, but it doesn’t inspire me to jump up and plant flowers I guess!

    Just wondering: my wife didnt’ grow up listening to southern gospel (or had even heard of it) nor is she from the south, is that true for you as well?

    I think that has something to do with the preferences.

  4. weber wrote:

    I concur voice is piercing at times very over-rated nevertheless probably a nice guy however I sometimes question his decision making, working with Paul and Jan Crouch and Jim Bakker…those folks are in my opinion are scum. Doug is wrong, lots of good singers out there, I woudnt include him in the top ten..nice guy though

  5. Brett wrote:

    Joseph Habedank is a better singer then Jason. In fact I would say Adam Crabb is better than Jason Crabb as far as voice.

  6. CNW wrote:

    #3 Mike S. I understand what you are saying about that kind of music and concert experience. I want to be impacted that way too in a concert, but I also have to like the person’s voice. I can’t enjoy it if I’m cringing when they sing. All I meant by a beautiful voice was one that I like, which for me happens to be a smoother, clearer, more pleasant sounding voice rather than a harsh one like Jason’s. Also, why would you equate a beautiful voice with being a boring voice and a boring concert? Btw, yes I like Charlotte Church, I have lived in the South all my life, and I did grow up hearing Southern Gospel, though mainly the Gaithers. My parents had many Gaither records. Bottom line of all that I was trying to say is that I don’t understand why Jason is so popular when his voice is not great and I guess you answered that in your post.

  7. sensible wrote:

    Some singers are not liked so much for their vocals but rather their ability to be a stylist or the message they put out in their program or the powerful messages in their music. Michael Combs comes to mind in this catagory.

    Jason has been compared to a young Russ Taff. Would you agree or not agree? I’m neither here or there with Jason’s vocals. I remember when I was on the road full-time there were many a weekend Gerald would step up and say Jason want be singing much tonight because he was having vocal problems from screaming through those songs. He would just stand back and play and maybe do “Please Forgive Me” at the end.

    As far as a nice guy, he is nice to the fans and to people in the business. However, if you get out of the business he suddenly is not all that friendly to you. I know from experience. His brothers were never that way though.

    I have often wondered if he got some vocal coaching to help him continue singing night after night as a soloist.

  8. Wade wrote:

    Did anybody else see Jason on the Season Finale of Celebrity Apprentice!?!?

  9. McCray wrote:

    Hmmmmmmm interesting .

  10. Chris Henry wrote:

    #8 Hey Wade, here’s some Celebrity Apprentice for you.

  11. NotInTheBusiness wrote:

    #7 - Sensible:

    PLEASE tell me how you “know from experience” that Jason is not nice to you once you get out of the business.

    I happen to know very well just how kind and personable he is to everyone.

    Just this past weekend, I attended the Gaither Family Fest in Gatlinburg, TN. I saw Jason at Dollywood walking through the crowd. I stopped him, and he talked to me with absolutely NO “air” about him at all. I asked him if he was singing in the park, and he said that he was over in Gatlinburg singing for the Gaithers, and that his wife was in the park with his girls. I told him I was sorry for bothering him and he told me not to worry about it, that he loves seeing everyone and talking.

    So, please tell me how you know from personal experience that he isn’t nice…

  12. SM wrote:

    #10 Thanks for that clip of Celebrity
    Apprentice, I did see Jason on there when I watched it on TV, which kind of surprised me, but I did not see David Phelps. I am not sure how I feel about that, but I guess it is good exposure, even if it is not the right kind exposure.

  13. SoGoGuy wrote:

    Speaking of Jason Crabb…Check out this guy, and leave him some comments.

  14. sensible wrote:

    Keep in mind this was when the Crabb Family was going strong. I had shared the stage with those guys a lot - week after week we ran the same circuits, and they always jump up on stage on our last big song to play. We even did their big homecoming every year. We had ate together, hung out on each others busses, etc. etc. We even recorded several of Gerald’s songs.

    A year after I came off the road, I went to see the Crabb Family (minus Gerald & Cathy). After intermission while the first group went back, I went around to say “hello” to the guys. Everybody was friendly. I got to Jason, and I said, “How’s it going?” Jason acted like I wasn’t even there. I said, “Do you remember me?” He said, “Yeah, I know who you are,” and then he just walked off.

    It was unbelievable and it really was something else. Like I said, Adam and Aaron stuck around and talked awhile and asked how things were going and how my family was doing.

    So yes, I know from experience. And I know how it is on the road, and I also know anybody can take 2 minutes and say, “Man great to see you, but I got to run right now; maybe we can catch up in a little bit.” Even if a “in a little bit” never comes, anything would have been better than that.

    There was another time when he shrugged me off when the brothers didn’t. I never understood it. I just like people to be the same everytime you see them.

    Like some others have said, I disagree with the whole thing of associating with TBN and Jim Bakker and the like, but I always like them as people.

  15. Wade wrote:

    sensible… WHO are YOU!!??

  16. Wastooontheroad wrote:

    I agree with sensible. I was also on the “road” with Jason and the entire family. Jason was always extremely nice, funny,friendly and very personable..
    Once you come off the road and see him out he asks for your number so that you can reconnect and yet every time you call he never answers nor returns calls.
    If that was gonna happen why give out your number? Its a mystery but hey..Who knows what he may be going thru. He’s still a human and puts on his pants the same way I do.
    I choose to cut him some slack

  17. Mike S wrote:

    CNW #6-

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that singing is communication. Jason pronounces his words and attacks the tone in such a way that connects and affects me viscerally. When he says “He never promised the cross would not get heavy…” he SINGS in a real way…or…it is much the way I would say it. There is a “cry” in his voice/presentation and when he growls or seems to put everything physically into hitting a high note the effort and energy resonates.
    But much of that is not the CORRECT way to sing. I took voice and most voice teachers would claw their ears out at Jason sometimes( Truthfully, at other times he would be appreciated by an open minded voice instructor!)

    Charlotte Church is formally trained and has about as pure a tone as you are going to get. Technically speaking, Jason Crabb is not in Charlotte Church’s category as a singer. But how would Charlotte (as an example, I don’t mean to pick on her) pronounce “He never promised the cross would not get heavy…”?…answer: the same way she pronounces everything she sings…technically and formally correct with open tones and certainly no vocal moves like Jason regularly inserts. I can appreciate Ms. Church’s vocal gifts and her ability to produce a pure tone but it doesn’t communicate. Most people don’t talk or express things so formally.

    Another example to attempt to illustrate;
    Back when a famous Vegas casino opened a stage show they invited two of the ‘hottest” acts of the time (late 60’s)…Barbara Streisand and Elvis Presley.
    Streisand got up there with her bejeweled microphone and bejeweled gown and produced beautiful tones one song after another…and her act fell completely dead. It simply did not resonate with a live audience.
    Elvis performed the next night and of course was a huge hit.
    Who is the “better singer”? Its not even close. Streisand’s vocal gifts are something like Charlotte Church’s, but the presentation is always the same. Might as well buy the CD (Charlotte Church and Ms Streisand both sold a lot of CD’s)
    When I hear Jason sing “Please forgive me” he sings it in a way that I would say it. A technically correct and gifted singer like Charlotte Church would sing “Please forgive me” just like she would sing a European opera.

    Hope that makes sense. Again, its a matter of taste to some extent.

  18. mrdrum wrote:

    #14 & #16. Same here. On the road, all is well. You come off the road and you are forgotten.

  19. CNW wrote:

    #17 I never said I only like formally trained or “correct” singers. I know singing is communication, to use your words. I already said I understand why you like Jason. All I am saying is that I dislike his voice too much to enjoy one of his concerts. Period. That’s all I was saying. When I said I like a beautiful voice you assumed I meant something that I didn’t.

  20. John Situmbeko wrote:

    Jason Crabb is a great singer, though I have to confess I enjoyed his singing more when he sang with his family. Now that he is a soloist, his sound is leaning more and more closer to a contemporary style and as a result he is quickly drawing a large following of CCM lovers, which is good! And it also doesn’t hurt that he’s ever appearing on the infamous giant tv network TBN, the crowds there always seem to love him, and with a voice as his who can marvel that they are left craving for more?

    Now, I don’t know him all that well to stage a full fledged defence for him, to cite his niceness towards his fans and to praise his public relations skills, but I have to say to commenters sensible and Wastooontheroad that never always expect gladsome handshakes, hugs and ear to ear grins from artists. Of course being in the position they are in, they ought to be super nice to all, but sometimes stress can prevent one from putting on a smiley face. Especially after singing for a lengthy period and over-using the jaws and the facial muscles, Jason could have been seeking solace for his over-taxed facial and throat muscles that he had no time to chit chat with you, so he acknowledged you sensible with a “Yeah, I know who you are” and he walked away from you, lest you draw him into a lengthy conversation, reminiscing and all, where he would be required to further abuse his vocal cords. I know my view may not be correct, but it may be. Since you knew each other, you should have asked him if he was alright, perhaps he would have confided in you if he had issues.

    About him not answering and returning calls, I can write up a good reason for Jason doing that, but I won’t.

    I don’t think Jason had reasons to be intentionally rude, I can’t think of any reason why he would see a fan/friend and think to himself, “Oh no, here comes a fan, let me gird up my loins and display a sour diportment unto him lest he cling unto me.”

  21. irishlad wrote:

    Wed. 12 & 13th June the Hoppers came to N.Ireland for two concerts at the same venue,Glenmachan COG, a church which seats about 1000.I went the first night and the MC announced that anyone willing to buy tickets for Thrs night would get a reduction and were assured the two night’s programs would be totally different.Fair enough,but i attended Wed only.
    The first thing i noticed was TaRanda was there and the second thing Connie wasn’t.I have to say i missed Connie.Her sister broke her hip plus she had the grandkiddies to look Connie was out of the picture.I missed Connie.
    The group had been off the road for a fortnight and understandably it was a few songs in before they got in to their stride,but it wasn’t long before the two girls were belting out their lung bursting best.Now the overall voice mix was good but because the two girls have similar ranges there were some songs where it didn’t work too well.One such song was I’ve come too far,a Connie special and that’s when i missed Connie the most.TaRanda..a very thin TaRanda..took Connie’s part and good as she was didn’t have the low range the song needs.
    They sang all their block busters and when Claude yelled ou What Time is It? most people were clueless until one wag shouted out “time you packed it in partner”..did that really happen, ask Phil Boles.Anyway Claude was at his corny best quite hilarious in fact with that affected Southern drawl he has,reminded me of the old geezer in Family guy.But hey! was a great night.
    Go to musicscribe and Phil Boles has the Thursday review posted.

  22. sgfan wrote:

    It looks like the perrys have announced their new lead singer: David Ragan. Very different than Joseph Habedank (which no one has heard from since his departure).

  23. Aaron Swain wrote:

    Here’s the video that has been making the rounds the past couple of weeks and got quite a few people talking about wanting David Ragan to go with The Perrys full time. “Calvary Answers For Me.”

  24. Wade wrote:

    Irishdude it took you long enough…like 8 days!!! No telling how long it would have taken if I had not stayed on your ass!!!

    But you do look sexy in all those picz you been posting!!!

    Check them out y’all…ID has a flat belly and everything and he is saving his self!!

    He is available LADIES!!!

  25. irishlad wrote:

    Hey Wade,was there enough Irish humour in that review for ya?

  26. Wade wrote:

    Could have been a little more detailed than just saying Taranda was Skinny!!!

    But did Claude really use that weak ass line again about WHAT TIME IS IT or NOT!?!?!?

    Wonder how tough it is having 2 divas in one group!!!?!?!? Can Dean handle them both or is he getting help from Michael!?!?!

  27. Mike S wrote:

    I saw the video clip. David Ragan is the best singer the Perrys have had in a while…and I loved Joseph Habedank. What happened to him anyway? Didn’t know he had left.
    Sounds like Tracy and Libbi better hire these new singers…they had a great sound.
    Wasn’t it tough timing for Joseph to leave with Tracy’s health?
    Don’t know the details of course.

  28. irishlad wrote:

    Nah Wade i was kidding about Claude, the Irish folk or some of them would know the song but wouldn’t make the connection.
    TaRanda, good looking girl,but how shall i put it?I think she suits the fuller figure better.Mike Hopper and TaRanda seem to have a bit of chemistry going when standing next to each other.I would like to hear more of Michael he has good stage presence and a fine psuedo Bass.

  29. gina wrote:

    I agree that David seems to be a great fit for the Perrys. He brings not only a clear lead voice, but also a humble, sincere presence to the group. He even looks like he could be a Perry! :) I think I might be a bigger fan of the group than I have been since they were a family group with Randy and Debra.

  30. Phyllis wrote:

    24, bless your pea-pickin’ little ol’ heart, Wade.I always say, dating sites are for youngin’s, and  what’s a nice, godly Gospel loving lady to do? And like magic, you come up with your wonderful ad on SG blog of this teacher man, or whoever he is.

    Mr.Philip is very handsome on those pictures! The flat belly, and yes, everything, I haven’t seen such nice everything in a while. Incidentally, we went to an Irish diner this morning, and while enjoying a couple of bangers  and eggs I imagined how nice an Irish man sitting right next to us, ladies, would‘ve been! And Amen, the all cleansing blood of Jesus, who sends us deliverance as we ask in never ceasing prayer!

    Can I lease him, so to speak, to escort me to a concert or two? Or even get the whole package - for the entire national quartet convention? You can arrange this, I know, being such a business minded man!

    I haven’t had a decent date since my old Hovie went to heaven. Which is all for the better, that low-fat diet never quite worked for him. Doctor told the poor thing to eat fish, and not the normal ,fried kind, so I took him to a “sushee” restaurant in town, with all those Korean people and boy, did he throw a hissy fit! He said “ if the honey ham was good enough for Jesus, its good enough for me! It’s simple: God has chosen American as His favored language, so the menus are an allmighty abomination”

    About myself you might ask? Just  like Claude Hopper I might be way past my prime, but still worthy of spending a whole night on! Unlike Dolly, I am a brunette, with some good assets, and not exactly the ones God originally gave me, if you know what I mean.  My Hovie, God rest his soul, loved his boobs like he loved his gospel music – fake. Well, he loved real bands, too. Maybe I can take Mr. Philip to a Dove Brothers concert? Wonder if he can draw a lil thin mustache on? See, I always had a crush on JD Sumner. One night back in 1968, when Hovie was away in GA…. ah, that’s not important.  

    Irish folk drive on the wrong side of the street, so I won’t give him my car.If he so inclined, he can use Hovie’s Buick, I keep it as a dear memory,its in the garage, and still smells like cigarettes and whores (sob). With a little luck and much mercy from God he will crash the darn thing, so I am rid of it in a dignified way.

     (wiping a tear) Anyways, you do arrange it all, Wade, where do I send a retainer check, my darling friend? I plan to use much of your services.

    In the meantime, I am saving his lovely picture on my screen, the one in a suit and one in a kilt ,and especially the one without.

    Sincerely yours,

    Phyllis Horne.

  31. irishlad wrote:

    That was just precious Ode. I liked the Horne bit. x

  32. Wade wrote:

    Phyllis…… inbox me there and I will get THAT retainer to you!!! I am sure you will be will love The Happy Ending my boy Irishdude will leave ya with!! SMILE!!! :-) :-)

  33. Ode wrote:

    Well, of course,my dear Captain Obvious. I was also Elvis, etc.
    What I was trying to say by this - in the genre an average fan, as evidenced by all the blogs, groups ,sites and concert videos, is in the age group “deceased”, the only available bachelorettes are middle aged divorced women and elderly widows.  

    Thanks for the fun, Wadey  :)

  34. irishlad wrote:

    Apologies Ms Horne,i mistook you for a much loved and missed amour by the name of Ode.The obvious age difference should have made it plain,alas i pine for the lass so much that any similarity in penmanship sends me in to a frenzied and confused state that i can barely think straight…are you her mother by happenchance ?.

  35. irishlad wrote:

    RIP Harold Gilley

  36. Michael wrote:

    I have a ton of respect for the Perrys and for Joseph Habedank, but did he just simply disappear? Three months ago he appears to be primed to essentially become the next Jason Crabb of the industry - organizing, hosting and emceeing the Tracy Stuffle Benefit Concert. Then, two months later, he abruptly departs the group and has not been heard from since. Maybe that’s the best course of action, and perhaps I am simply being too curious about something that is none of my concern. However, you don’t deserve to know everything about what goes on in a person’s life, but do the fans and followers of the industry of that prominent group not deserve something when they spend time investing in those artists (through prayer and financial support)? Silence may be the best course of action, but it’s sort of easy to smell fish when someone literally disappears from the scene abruptly with no explanation. It probably didn’t end on great terms. I get that. I’m not asking for all of the sordid details, but why not just be professional enough and adult enough to say something like “we’ve reached a mutual decision that Joseph will not be traveling with the group any longer.” Maybe that would just cause more speculation. I’m not sure. I’m really just thinking aloud. I wish JH and the Ps all the best, but I do believe that this is a somewhat flawed industry when the best we can get is silence. If we are to pray in specifics, it’s hard to be specifically prayerful in regard to silence.

  37. 50shades of EarlGrey wrote:

    34 - God be with you, Mr.Philip.How can a godly white Christian woman and a Southern Gospel lover have a child like that, I never even talked to those brown-ish people, our church has none of those, glory be to Jesus (unless they are doing landscaping or cleaning, they are good at that).God told his children to be separate! If you let anyone in, you’ll end up with a church with all kinds of folk, and that’s a sin.

    See, sugar, you Britons just rush too much, even having your tea in such an abnormal fashion, not waiting for it to cool and forgetting sweetin’. Wait for an aged to perfection woman like myself, I am,   like red wine that those godless Protestant heathens drink, only in a good way, of course. The older is much saucier, I can tell you that! My little encounter with JD surely taught me some  ;) , I can Roll on that Jordan for ya, if you know what I mean.

    As Wade wisely said, it’s all well if has a happy ending.


  38. Ode wrote:

    34, Cant discard such a beautiful, if highly unnecessary, apology from an Irish beau, so I’ll apply it towards “oops,I thought it was the ‘Name That Poster’ game, not ‘that crazy yank Wade and the nutty heebress joking at the expense of godly Old Time Religion women’” I knew Wadey was a good sport, and indulges in fun. “Elvis” actually was his  friend, a young lawyer, I believe?

    To stay on blog’s main theme, allow  me a SG example, so we have a RL role-play you are a singer from The Gold City group, and I am a songstress and Wade’s dream girl Ms. TaRanda Greene , a pure fantasy scenario, of course. Pointing out the glaring inconsistencies with the originals and ID revealing details (you lacking a wedding ring; my inability to sing/atrocious accent ) would be defying the objective ;)

    (Dear Doug, sorry for duplicate posts. My smartphony )

  39. Robert wrote:

    Excuse me Michael, but you don’t get specifics. it’s none of your business. Really, Tracy’s daily specific details are none of our business either, let the man heal in peace! We do not need the gory details of enemas and bowel problems. It’s really got to stop.

  40. Wade wrote:

    Michael sounds like an old lady in the prayer room on Sunday Evening at a Baptist Church!!!

    “If we are to pray in specifics, it’s hard to be specifically prayerful in regard to silence.”

    Guess all those SILENT REQUEST are NEVER heard!!

  41. Pink wrote:

    When are the pre-NQC personnel changes going to start?

  42. Singer? wrote:

    38,You wish. Mostly run the sound. This is for Michael, so he can pray in specfics, the rest of you clearly don’t care about the truth.Get your details straight, people, ask and it will be given to you. And no, I don’t know if it’s naturally  blond or darkhaired,the only way it I saw it was bald. ( you sick bastards .. I was talking about Tim Riley’s head)

    Always blaming the artists, you sorry sack of gossipers!It takes two to tango, remember.Sometimes it’s the tenors wife, or a few prostitutes jumped onto our bus, or some loose young girl seduces a good christian man in his moment of weakness. It’s not our fault ,they come at us! We belong to Him, we ALL are the Kings men.So to speak.

    Taranda Greene… She has  faith and smarts, and, hm, depth – oh, most of you can only dream of such depth. Stop spreading the unsubstantiated rumors.Well, maybe just a little. Affairs help a female singer, now every old fan in the audience with a speck of testosterone left in ‘em imagines her… b flat. Speakn of boosting the “love” donations :)

    Have a nice day,    

  43. Wade wrote:

    Undoubtedly a NEW RECORD!!!

    I get a comment deleted here trying to give Michael more SPECIFICS to Pray About… and then on the facebook page CSI Gospel Music or whatever it is I commented about how the Goodmans ruined gospel music and they deleted the entire thread!!! MERCY!!!

    What is this world coming to!?!?!?

  44. Wade wrote:

    Who has heard Gold City with the new tenor!?!?!?

  45. Singing Snooz wrote:

    The problem, Ms Pink - they usually change one member for another..umm.. member. When what they truly need is a brain! Or at least another worthy body part, like guts. 

    Realistically speaking, replacements are hard to find, because only certain kinds are able to remain in a profession that often generates non-positive revenue:
    1. those hired by  groups capable to afford more or less decent pay,
    2. part timers and hobbyists that sing in addition to a day job,
    3. singers that can indulge in stage ambitions(beats  working for a living;!) thanks to well-earning spouse or a rich parent - Canton Junction, highly sponsored by their anti-Semitic prosperity crook papa Hagee’s moneys, etc
    4. scumbags of various stripe like modern Blackwoods, that made lucrative 50 + year careers of having been ejected from the testicles of actually talented people and gospel stars.
    In other  words , a pretty small sliver of singing talent.

    Majority of artists have kids, wives,mortgages and upcoming need to buy compulsory health insurance starting 2014

    Therefore, as occasional blog reports on the latest SG groups changes reveal, most new hires are kids barely out of high school, 18 -21, that can still live under their parents wing , partaking in mom’s wallet, home, fridge and healthcare plan.

  46. Robert wrote:

    And good luck with any of these groups providing the Health Insurance that will be required come next year. Goes right along with these group getting by with tagging that big bus as a motorhome and all drivers not having a CDL. Which is required on ALL vehicles over 26,000 lbs. But wait. We’re in this for the Lawd! No need to obey the law!

  47. Bingo wrote:

    I heard Gold City with Robert Fulton. He’s pretty good. GC still has a reservoir of sugarsticks and Tim is so good I’d go hear them if it was him and the 3 Stooges! Bryan is still an insane pianist.

    As for JH, it was too much pressure to anchor a group by himself with a subpar, shaky situation. I also don’t know how the finances are holding up with Tracy in the hospital so much. Could have been financial, could have been emotional, could have been professional (new lineup never gelled in my opinion). So, cut him some slack. If he’s campaigning to become the next Jason Crabb, I think that campaign ended when he quit the group.

  48. Brian wrote:

    Well I heard Burman Porter finally had enough and jumped ship before his heart was going to explode. He’s out of the no tracks no stacks band. Just kidding there but man they lost a good one with him but like every other group they will press on and not miss a beat.

  49. Bill wrote:

    Fulton is ok, I only go to hear Mr. Riley. Mr. Pelfrey stated that they don’t do concerts for any less than $5K. Tim Riley is worth it as long as its not out of my pocket.

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