More precious than gold

From reader Irishlad, writing up his account of The Hoppers in Northern Ireland:

They sang all their block busters and when Claude yelled out, What Time is It? Most people were clueless until one wag shouted out, “Time you packed it in partner.”

Please be real. Please be real.

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  1. Josh wrote:

    What about Frank Arnold making a return to SG?

  2. Dean Adkins wrote:

    Doug, we need one of your thought-provoking blogs.

  3. Jeff wrote:

    Maybe I missed a post about this, but I was just wondering. Does anyone know the decisions involved (and/or the politics) in moving the National Quartet Convention from Louisville to Pigeon Forge?

  4. NG wrote:

    Jeff: You can read all kinds of views on the move here:

  5. cynical one wrote:

    Jeff, I think Gerald Wolfe has commented on that here. Basically, I think it was a matter of venue costs.

  6. CVH wrote:


  7. Wade wrote:

    I agree with CVH… it has been ZZZZZZZZZ a LONG TIME here!!! YAWN!!!

  8. Josh wrote:


  9. Jeff wrote:

    Thanks, great conversation. :)

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