Hiveminding recent southern gospel history

All right, gang. Here is where you crowdsource your collective knowledge.

I’m looking for names, dates, and any other homework you can show on the following. Let’s say since roughly 1990, and we’re speaking of professional acts only (whatever that means to you):

-Groups that disbanded

-Groups that dissolved and reformed (can include renaming)

-Ensemble singers who’ve gone solo

-Soloists who’ve called it quits/retired

-Soloists who’ve gone back to singing ensemble

-Record labels that disappeared, downsized, reformed, or realigned/refocused

-And just so you don’t think I’m only working the negative nelly beat (and this is a bonus feature for the overachievers), I’d take a ballpark number of how many new (as in didn’t exist before) groups have appeared on the scene since 1990 too. Even more extra credit for names.

Annnnnnddddd, go.

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  1. sensible wrote:

    The Hinsons - The family disbanded the group in 1988, but Larry Hinson approached their record producer at Calvary Music Group, suggesting a reunion project involving the original four founding Hinson members. They reunited one final time for One More Hallelujah which was completed in the fall of 1992. The album featured the song “Joy Comes In The Morning,” and spurred the 13 city One More Hallelujah Tour in 1993. The tour was cut short when lead singer, Kenny Hinson was diagnosed with kidney cancer. He died on July 27, 1995 (1995-07-27) at the age of 41.

    The Paynes - In 1990, Mike was called by God to preach and The Paynes disbanded reuniting only once for a reunion concert in 2000. Mike, his wife and daughter continue to minister, writing anointed songs and preaching His Word .

    The Talleys - In 1993, the group disbanded. But by the mid 1990s, Lauren’s interest and talent in singing could not be ignored, prompting her mother and father to join with her in the formation of the Talley Trio[2] in 1996.
    On June 25, 2011, Lauren Talley married Brian Alvey. He officially became a member of the group on September 1, 2011—thus changing their name from the Talley Trio (back) to The Talleys.

    The Hemphills - In 1990, the Hemphills children decided to pursue other interests and the group disbanded.

  2. sensible wrote:

    Midsouth Boys - This group disbanded in 1997. In October 2013, they are doing a reunion concert in Nashville, for a benefit.

  3. sensible wrote:

    Benson Records started in 1902 with a label called Heart Warming Records. It changed hands several times and Benson was sold to Provident/Zomba in 1997 which is now owned by Sony. Zomba closed the Benson label. Bill Trailor bought Heart Warming and Riversong records which were apart of Benson.

  4. Matt G. wrote:

    Lots of the “classic” groups have retired since 1990:
    Happy Goodmans, Speer Family (as well as New Speer Revival), Statesmen, Cathedrals to name a few. I don’t think the Lesters are traveling anymore either…

  5. T J Thompson wrote:

    Matt G. (#4), The Lesters are still traveling full time, they are now a male trio. They will be on the main stage of the NQC on Monday. Brian Lester is still carrying on the tradition of the Lesters.

  6. scott wrote:

    PERFECT HEART - Disbanded around 1998 after a pretty good start - 8 yearrs or so,

    THE MEREDITHS - Disbanded around 1997 I believe. Found this online:

    Brett and his wife Mary are now Salvation Army officers (pastors) in Kerrville TX, and Alesia (my wife) is a full-time mommy to three wonderful kids. I’m been on staff at a church in Lexington SC as Worship & Fine Arts Pastor for more than 6 years now.

    Alesia and I still write music, and we still travel from time to time to minister. We even get together with Brett now and again for a concert!

    CROSSWAY - Quartet, Trio, Duo…? Their website is still up but not updated for a couple years and not tour dates listed. I thought this group had potential back when they were a quartet.

    HEAVEN BOUND - Disbanded in 2001 after 25 years. Jeff Gibson did alot of their songwriting.

  7. Brett wrote:

    One of big changes since then are the Nelons. Karen Peck left in 1990. Then they were a family group from 1990-1991 then Kelly Nelon left to pursue solo minsitry followed by Jerry Thompson. Then the Nelons were a group with CHarlotte Ritchie, Tammy Britton, TOdd Nelon, & Paul White. When Kelly Nelon returned the other three were out and was The Nelons again with Jerry, Rex, Kelly, and Kelly Benton. The Nelons recorded for Canaan Records with their last recording with them on 1992’s “Right On Time” Kelly Nelon signed with the Nelons with Benson in 1993 with 2 solo albums 1990 KNT and 1992 SteadFast Heart. Charlote Ritchie rejoined the Nelons in 1994 and the Nelons signed with Gaither’s label from 1994-1996. Charlotte Ritchie joined Jeff & Sheri Easter and Amy Roth joined the lineup until 1999. Then Kelly & Jerry divorced and the group was made up of Kelly, Jason, Monica, David Hill. After Rex retired in 1999, the group then added Jason’s father Dan Clark, Melody, and Paul Lancaster. In 2001 Melody left and they added Katy Van Horn. Now since 2002 the Nelons compromise of Amber Nelon Thompson, Kelly Nelon Clark, & Jason Clark. Their is a history since 1990 and 2 record companies that are no more

  8. Matthew Moore wrote:

    I think Brian Free fits into all of those categories…

  9. sensible wrote:

    The Wilburns - They disbanded in 2004.

    Tony Gore & Majesty - Tony went solo in 2002, and two years later started doing reunion concerts with the group just a few times a year.

    Ricky Atkinson & Compassion - Went solo in 2007 while doing select dates with the group.

    Crabb Family - Disbanded in 2007

    Brian Free & Assurance - Started in 1993, and disbanded in 1998. He later put the group back together again in 2000.

    Poet Voices - Disbanded in 2002. Phil Cross does solo dates, and then does reunion dates with the group every once in a while.

  10. Tad Kirkland wrote:

    Lordsong came and went. Not sure when the Days started but they ended in tge early 2k’s when Heather joined the Ruppes. The Ruppes disbanded into Lordsong briefly before becoming Sisters. Michael Lord and Brenda Ruppe are now soloists as a result.
    I don’t think the Eddie Crook Co exists anymore.
    The Mullins became Mullins & Co then Sunday Drive, disappeared for awhile then reappeared under a couple of names a few years ago–one was something like Everyday Sunday.
    Phil Cross & Poet Voices and Brian Free & Assurance began as trios, became quartets, Phil and Brian went solo, then reformed groups, Phil having way less consisting including other group names.
    The Crabb Family and subsequential entities. They also had a label for awhile.
    The Statesmen returned and left. Old Friends.
    The Bishops ended.
    The Kingsmen became The Carolina Boys for awhile before becoming the Kingsmen again. Same thing with the Lefevre Quarter to Priority and back.
    Ernie Haase.
    Mercy’s Mark.
    John Bowman and Tim Surrett.
    Taranda Greene.
    Canaan Records ended, returned then disappeared again.
    Riversong ended the first time and most of its roster moved to Chapel Music late becoming Spring Hill–something to do with the Michael English divorce.
    Horizon Records began later merging with Sonlight to become Crossroads. Moriah was a shortlived label of Crossroads consisting of The Talleys. As was Cathedral Records.
    Mark V Records disappeared.

  11. Tad Kirkland wrote:

    Sorry for the above typos.
    Kelly Nelon Thompson & Legacy (Kelly, Jerry, Kelly Benton and Stan Whitmire). They recorded an album after Kelly had a stint as a soloist, then that group with Rex and Todd became the new Nelons as mentioned earlier.
    Danny Funderburk had a few group names.
    The Perry Sisters ended and returned and disappeared again?
    Heirloom ended.
    Kirk Talley became a soloist. The Trio began and ended.
    Mark and Kenny Bishop became soloists when the Bishops ended. Kenny disappeared again.

  12. baritonebob wrote:

    The Reinhardts in the mid 90’s after 3-4 good hits and was the the 3 identical triplets, group called Common Bond?

  13. Ed wrote:

    What ever happened to Jeff Gibson of Heaven Bound? Seems like he was injured riding a horse and was maybe a school teacher? He was quite the writer and performer. I wonder if he makes any real money from his royalties?

  14. VideoGuy wrote:

    Singing Americans - disbanded sometime in the 90’s

  15. VideoGuy wrote:

    IIRC, Bill Traylor also had Homeland Records in the 1990’s. One of the groups on this label was the Johnny Minick Family.

  16. cynical one wrote:

    The Bill Gaither Trio quit performing as a trio some time in that era, to be resurrected for a few video performances.

  17. Auke wrote:

    All the above is exactly why a lot of people stop following quartets or any other form of group. If there’s a one reason SGM is dying it’s lack of consistency in group line-ups.
    I know that I stopped buying CD’s of groups that changed their line up too often, or restarted under another corny name. The departure of one singer can make a difference, for instance after Russ Taff left the Imperials, I bought the Stand By The Power album the first to feature their new lead-singer at the time Paul Smith (who was exceptionally good btw). But when Jim Murray left I altogether forgot The Imperials, just lost interest. Thank god that Gaither jumped into the gap with the Vocal Band. I used to buy all Cathedral albums, all Gold City, every Kingsmen etc…i don’t have that anymore.
    There’s not one group out there that makes me want to do that…not one!

  18. Larry Shaw wrote:

    RE: #6/The Merediths - we actually came off the road in 1999. Hard to imagine it’s been that long. We’re all certainly still singing, though. You never know - we might show up again, one way or another!

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