Hiveminding recent southern gospel history

All right, gang. Here is where you crowdsource your collective knowledge.

I’m looking for names, dates, and any other homework you can show on the following. Let’s say since roughly 1990, and we’re speaking of professional acts only (whatever that means to you):

-Groups that disbanded

-Groups that dissolved and reformed (can include renaming)

-Ensemble singers who’ve gone solo

-Soloists who’ve called it quits/retired

-Soloists who’ve gone back to singing ensemble

-Record labels that disappeared, downsized, reformed, or realigned/refocused

-And just so you don’t think I’m only working the negative nelly beat (and this is a bonus feature for the overachievers), I’d take a ballpark number of how many new (as in didn’t exist before) groups have appeared on the scene since 1990 too. Even more extra credit for names.

Annnnnnddddd, go.